Hi! This is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow a peach tree indoors. Now the materials that you will need are either a peach pit or a seed, or much easier to get actually a peach tree start. In that way you can grow it much easier because it's really hard to grow it from a seed. At times you can just let the fruit rot and then the seed will be good to turn around and plant it. But a lot of times the fresh seeds do not germinate. You'll also need a container and some gravel to put on the bottom of the container, and then some soil. Now gravel and soil mixed 'cos we want really good drainage for your peach tree. It does not like to sit in water. So once you've got your materials, the best thing to do is fill the bottom with gravel because that's good drainage. So the first step is put gravel on the bottom of your pot. In order for a peach tree to grow well indoors, it needs lots of light and it needs really good drainage. They do not want to sit in water ever or you'll lose 'em. Step two, I've got a mix of soil and gravel together and I'm going to fill that pot about halfway. Step three, I'm going to take my peach tree. I'm going to set it into the pot and then I'm going to cover that up at least three or four inches so that the roots are completely covered and not exposed, and that the actual stem is not covered with soil at all. Now step four, I'm going to pat that down. And step five, I'm going to give it some water but I'll never want it to sit in actual water all the time. We want it to have good drainage. So a lot of times I've put in it in a tray with gravel underneath with some moisture so the moisture is underneath, not into the pot itself. It'll do really well, too.