Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson, and I'm going to go over how to clean vinyl and plastic blinds. Now, this is something that you can do, with your blinds in place, for just most of your light soil, and dusting. Now, if it's just some dust, you can take such a duster, such as a Swifter Duster, or some kind of electrostatic duster, and just simply go over the blinds in between. Now, if you get some heavy soiling or some stuck on soil or dust, then something you can do periodically, is just simply take a rag or a sponge. Wet these down, and then just wipe the surface, and you don't have to really use any detergent. In this case, you just use just water, and a rag, and a sponge. Now, if you've got some heavy soiling on your vinyl or plastic blinds, then the next thing you could do, is you actually want to use a detergent. In this case, we would want to remove this blind, and actually take it outside, and then use a mild detergent, to clean these, and then use your hose, to actually rinse these down, really good, and you'll want to hang these outside, and make sure that they dry completely, before you come back in, and install these in place, but for most practical applications, if you keep them dusted, if you wipe them down with just a water only solution, that should pretty much keep your blinds clean, and looking good, so I'm Tim Gipson, and that's some tips on cleaning your vinyl and plastic blinds.