15 Pumpkin carving design ideas to shame the Joneses

My last attempt at arts and crafts involved balsa wood and hot glue. A mess that ended in tears, trauma and peeled finger tips. But I won’t allow my bitterness with the art world to get in the way of celebrating a pagan holiday.

Pumpkin carving was once reserved for Americans. But thanks to the many joys a dose of envy and capitalism can bring, we have since imported a tradition that once belonged to us. No hard feelings.

With that in mind here are some “awesome” out of this world (probably created by Americans) pumpkin carving designs.

1. Alien.

Pumpkin carving design ideas

2. The big boy.

pumpkin designs 14

3. Peek-a-boo.

pumpkin designs 13

4. The Death Star (confession: I wet myself a little when I first saw this).

pumpkin designs 10

Complete Death Star step by step guide

5. Four old timers.

Pumpkin carving design ideas

6. Transformers.

Pumpkin carving design ideas

7. House on the hill.

Pumpkin carving design ideas

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

pumpkin designs 7

9. Tales from the crypt.
pumpkin designs 8

10. Mario!

pumpkin designs 6

11. Gremlins.

pumpkin designs 5

12. The Grinch steals Halloween.

pumpkin designs 4

13. Spidey man.

pumpkin designs 2

14. Nervous breakdown.

pumpkin designs 3

15. Mexican Day of the Dead.

pumpkin designs 1


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