Hi, I'm Marci Degman, The Aspiring Gardener, and today we're going to talk about garden bed landscaping ideas. What I'd like to show you today is what I would call a mixed boarder, and what I'm looking at down here is the lowest level of the bed and what you want to do is you want to have things going on at the ground level, mid level and higher and in today's smaller gardens we have to think about that. It's harder to layer without big trees. So, what I have here is certain things that we can put in a small space like this and get all those levels. Down here, I have some of the Sunshine Blue. They're only a three foot blueberry plant, so they've got berries on them right now. It's already October and they bloom and get berries all Summer. So, these are a wonderful blueberry plant that can go in even a small landscape. When they're in season, I have roses and I have violet and different ground covers down here. So, this is our lower level. Over here, I have a Hukra with really pretty purple leaves. So, I've got foliage color. So, that's the ground level, and as I stand up to the second level, I have an S Belted Waxed Leaf Ligustrum that gives me evergreen plant material, and below it is a Sword Fern. So, I've got that green all year long and that is my mid level. I have a Rose over here, a large blueberry shrub there, and above it I have a Crepe Myrtle tree. So, what I've got going on is I've got a small enough tree that I can have it close to the house in a small landscape. I've got the next level of tall shrubs, medium level shrubs, shorter shrubs and ground covers and in different times of the year when they're in bloom we also have perennial flowers. So, what you've got is every level of plant in one small space, and it doesn't necessarily outgrow the space because you've chosen the right size plants for the garden, and that's good garden landscaping ideas.