Hello I'm Dr. Deborah Wheeler. I'm the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Argosy University on the Salt Lake City campus. I'm also a clinical psychologist, and today's topic is what are some clever money making ideas for children. Of course we can all think of the familiar and classic ideas. Your kids can mow the neighbors lawn, they can have a lemonade stand, they can do errands for people. Those are some of the traditional ones. Having a paper route is always a classic and standard for kids to earn money, but generally those are the ones that most people think of. Some more modern ideas for kids to make money include things related to computers. The kids certainly can have their lemonade stand just as in the fun old days, but now they can do more things with more computers and assist in helping with computers. Sometimes the kids will know more about computers than the adults. What if your child can make some money by helping Grandma or Aunt Susie or Uncle Jimmy with their computer issues? That child can go over to the house and show them how to use the computer, how to do fun things on the computer, how to make things that they didn't know how to make, or even just solve simple technology problems. Kids today are very savvy with computers and computer technology. That might be a fun way for your child to make some money in the neighborhood or with your family. Another idea is to pay your child for their household chores. If a child is not old enough to go out and have a lemonade stand or a paper route, a young child can be rewarded for the chores they do at home. They should be expected to do a certain level of job for that payment, but you can still find ways to reinforce that effort in the home, and of course you always want to make sure that you teach your child that savings are important and donating are important. It's not just about earning money, it's about how to exist in the society and savings and donations are equally important in that lesson.If you'd like more information on this topic or any others that we can help you with on parenting please contact us at Argosy.edu.