Hi. My name is Tod Amazeen. I've been an internet business consultant for fifteen years. I'm going to show you how to create an event on Facebook. Wahoo! Log into your Facebook account and go to your profile by clicking on the profile link on the top line. In the applications list click on events; here you'll see any events that you've already created. We want to create a new event, so move your mouse cursor to the right hand side of the screen and click on create an event. In the first line we want to enter the event name. I'm going to say my birthday. Hit the tab button. That'll move your entry cursor down to the tag line entry box; type in a description that others can read. Next from the network line select which network you want to make this event available to. I'm going to choose global. Click in the host field, type in the host. Scroll down, click on select category; you see you have several choices to choose from. I'm going to select party. Then I'm going to move my mouse to the right and select the type of party by click on select type and I'll say birthday party. Description, simply click in the description box and type it in. Indicate the start time, including the date and the actual time, the end time and again with the date and the time. You can change any of these values by simply click on the down arrow next to them and selecting the value you want. Now we can scroll down, click in the location text entry box. Type in the location, street is optional; I'm going to leave that blank, but if you want to simply click in the street field and enter the street name. City and town; I'm going to click in the city and town entry box and enter it here then choose Manhattan. Then if you want enter a phone by clicking in the phone text entry box; then an email by clicking in the email text entry box and typing it in. Once you've completed the entire form click on create event. You've just learned how to create an event on Facebook. I'm Tod Amazeen.