Hello. I'm Jim Newman from Making Waves, Incorporated and this is how to grow aquarium plants in a freshwater aquarium. In this instance, we have an aquarium that's been set up with fake plastic plants and our client would like to have live plants placed in here. To do that, we will have to go ahead and replace the typical regular fluorescent bulbs that are going to be in the hood of this aquarium and put on a different lighting unit. That lighting unit can either consist of: a) power compact bulbs b) T5 bulbs or c) metal halide bulbs There is a d) which is VHO bulbs, however, they're not widely used now. To heat the aquarium properly with the plants in there, you want to use daylight bulbs, which are typically available at your tropical fish store. Regular cool white bulbs are not recommended for this. To keep these plants properly, you will also need to go ahead and introduce CO2 into the aquarium. As most of the aquariums that typically house a lot of plants are not going to be high in use of fish inside the aquarium. Typically, these aquariums are primarily used as an aquatic garden inside the home. To do this properly, of course, like I have already stated, you will need to use a CO2 element that's injecting CO2 into the aquarium itself. This will require a CO2 tank with an injector. PH in a planted aquarium should be kept at neutral, which is 7.0. You can go as high as 7.5, however, you do not want to go higher than that. You will also need to introduce iron every once in a while, usually about once a month. And it's typically one teaspoon per every twenty gallons worth of water. The benefits of keeping a planted aquarium such as this size right here is due to the beauty of it. You are actually taking part of an ecosystem, such as th Amazon or a stream in Southeast Asia and putting it into your home. This aquarium at this size will afford you a lot of visual pleasure for years to come. You'll go right ahead and put in what is typically referred to as foreground plants, mid-ground plants and then background plants. Foreground plants are going to be utilized because they are smaller plants. Mid-ground plants are typically going to be medium sized plants, and background plants are going to be your taller varieties. Of course, you're going to need to trim the plants as you would a normal home garden outdoors as well. So, you're going to go right ahead and trim them down every once in a while. Take out the leaves. Trim off areas where you're going to have pups, especially in the forms of Amazon swords. They put off a lot of streamers with pups as well. Then, you also have areas where the plants are spreading, such as jungle val sagittaria and corkscrew val will also spread like a grass. Because of this, you want to go ahead and trim those areas as well. Ands what you can do with the offspring right there is either put them in another tank or you can take them to your tropical fish store and get them in for credit.