Video transcription

Hi my name's Dave from Singh Technologies in Franklin, Tennesse and I'm about to show you guys how to repair game disks that have scratches in them. And here we have Guitar Hero CD or DVD that came out of an Xbox and this is a common problem is if you move the Xbox while the game is on, the CD will actually hit the CD drive on the inside and make a groove or a huge scratch on the inside of the outside of the DVD. And also you'll notice that if your game locks up in certain points, that it will, if you take the disk out you'll see a small scratch somewhere that's probably the actual problem. And the way to fix this is, there's a low tech way to do this which most people have tried at home but don't know that it's really really time intensive and basically that's to take some toothpaste and put it on the disk all the way around and put a little water on there. And then you take a soft cloth like this one and work from the inside out in straight lines. Do not do this cause you will actually making it worse. All the way around the disk, and you'll have to do that maybe fifteen or twenty times and it does take about a half hour to do it with toothpaste to get that scratch out of there. You won't completely get it out but you'll get it out enough to where the DVD ROM will actually read it. I personally, I have a very fine polish and then I have a micro finish polish that I use. And I'm not going to show you the brand names just cause it doesn't matter. You can pick these up all over the internet for about about five bucks. A lot of Apple IPod polishing plastic polishing stuff I would recommend. It works awesome. Basically, what you need to do is take your, it's got kind of a grit to it, put it on the disk, this is the one that's not the micro fine polish and then work yourself from the inside of the disk out and keep doing that over and over and over in the affected area. In this case it would be all the way across and you would put a lot of pressure on the disk. Not like this, you would actually put quit a bit of pressure on there to buff those scratches out. And then once you get to that point where all of this is wiped off from you going from the inside out and you can see that it's reduced the ring quite a bit, you would switch to the actual micro fine polish and put it on which is more like a glaze that goes on and actually fills the rest of the scratches. Put a little bit of that on and then the same thing, work yourself from the inside of the disk to the outside of the disk. And then by the time that you are finished it will definitely have fixed it unless the gouge is from somebody taking a screwdriver and actually raking it across it. You're not going to get that out. But the little teeny scratches you're going to get out of there. And then once you're done you might see scratches from the inside out where you ran this cloth across it will not matter. It will still work.