Hi, my name is Steve Anthony, I'm a professional photographer with SteveAnthonyStudios.com. In this clip I'm going to show you how to connect a digital camera to a computer. A great thing about digital cameras, is it's so easy to share your pictures with everybody you know. You don't have to have a film processed, wait for prints to come back. You can just hook up your camera right to your computer and go. What you're going to need is, a digital camera, a USB cable, and a computer equipped with a USB port. The first thing you're going to have to do is, locate the output from your camera, in this case, it's right behind this little door. You have to have the appropriate cable to attach. Once you do, you plug one end into your camera, and the other end into your computer, into the USB port, it's just that simple. You may have just heard an alert notice, audio tone. In this particular operating system, that's what the sound is made when you attach something to the USB port. Your computer may sound different, there may be no sound at all. But look for some sort of notification on the screen, it'll tell you that your device has been properly attached. Once again, this has been Steve Anthony, thanks for watching.