Pike, Bridge, Rock n' Roll Gymnastics & Tumbling Stretches

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Andrea, and today I want to talk to you about some tips for pike stretch, back bend, rock and roll and good stretching for tumblers. The materials you will need are a floor and a wide open space. Some good tips for pike stretches are that when you're stretching, make sure that your knees are very straight. A common mistake is that kids try to go too far down and it hides, but, their knees are bending. Make sure that their knees are all the way straight. If it is too hard, you can start by bending your knees and grabbing the bottom of your feet, "On the side", and then try and just straighten your legs all the way. When you can straighten your legs all the way, then, you can continue to try to pull further down. A good tip for a back bend is that when you press up, your leg should be straight and your heels flat on the ground. A common mistake is made when gymnasts are only on their toes. Heels should be on the ground, feet should be flat and shoulders should press far over the wrists. After a bridge, you want to rock and roll. Just grab your knees and grab back and forth to help loosen up the back from the back bend. A good tumbling stretch is sitting in front support and pressing the heels into the ground. Because the calves are use a lot in tumbling, you want to make sure you stretch them out really well. Bend one leg and then the other. I'm Andrea; this is Kim and we've demonstrated tips for pike sit, back bend, rock and roll and tumbling stretches.

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