My name is Tim Cole, I'm the owner of Austin Reptile Service and I'm here to talk to you about what Corn Snakes eat. In the wild, Corn Snakes will feed on small lizards and small mice. In captivity, most people breed ones that feed on mice pretty readily. Corn Snakes are constrictors; so they will approach their prey, they'll grab it with their mouth, they'll throw coils around it and they'll suffocate it which is what constricting is. Constricting is not crushing their food but suffocating their food and once it's dead, they'll proceed to go ahead and eat it. Most people will feed their pet Corn Snakes frozen thud rodents rather live because a live rodent can injure the snake and most Corn Snakes will take that right away. I breed and raise Corn Snakes and most of mine have never seen a live rodent; even from their first meal they feed on baby pinky mice that have been thawed out in hot water so it's very safe for them to feed on and you don't have to risk them getting injure when they're getting older and that way even adult mouse or an adult rat that could hurt the snake. So this is on what Corn Snakes eat.