Video transcription

Hello. My name is Mark Blocker and in this segment we're going to cover about cedar lumber. Okay, cedar lumber is a member of the red wood family and what makes it so desirable and consequently costly, is the fact that is deteriorates very very slowly. Untreated cedar used in an exterior building surface for example, could last easily twenty, thirty years without any protection. So it's really commonly used in like lap siding for exteriors of homes, cedar shakes for either roofs or siding of the houses. It's also commonly used in shims to be placed underneath for leveling cabinets and different things of that nature just because it resists deterioration so well. One of the things to remember when you're using cedar lumber when you're sawing on power equipment stuff like that, because it deteriorates so slowly, the dust is extremely harmful for you as well. If you want to breath it in, if you breath it in, it's going to deteriorate in your lungs just as slowly as it deteriorates in the environment. So one thing to remember about cedar is alway wear your dust mask because it deteriorates so slowly. That's what cedar is.