Video transcription

Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about vinyl siding and mildew. You know occasionally on the vinyl siding on your house you will get some mold and mildew build up on that. Now how you take care of that and get rid of it and clean it is to use a bleach solution. Now for just using a scrub brush and bucket then we want to use any kind of bleach solution and we want to dilute it one part bleach to four parts of water and that will give you a good solution for taking care of mold and mildew problems. Better yet if you have a power washer such as this with a tank on it you can pour the bleach directly in here and the power washer will act on its own to dilute that water and give you a good solution and then you can just spray it on. But when we are taking care of the mold and mildew we can just spray those areas, let it set a little bit and then come back and rinse it off and that will take care of all your mold and mildew that you might have on your vinyl siding. I'm Tim Gipson talking about vinyl siding mildew.