Video transcription

So now we are going to wrap the basket with cellophane. I cut the cellophane about 2 1/2 sizes of the basket, you see it is a little doubled over. I always prefer to have a little bit too much than a little bit too little cause it is just easier to work with it that way. Then I take the cellophane and basically we need to center the cellophane on the center of the basket and the middle of the cellophane. Okay then we are going to pick the cellophane up on both side to make sure it is pretty much center. Then we are going to take some tape and the first thing to do is to secure the sides, it is okay if the cellophane drops a little bit, that is normal. We are going to secure one side of the basket first and we are going to go over and secure the second side of the basket. We are going to pick it up and make sure that it is really straight in the front and then we are going to take our tape and secure it on the other side. Now we have it on either side of the basket and while we secure it we also want to make sure that the organza has not gone up. If it does we just take it and push it back down a little bit.