Video transcription

So my model Patricia changed into a beautiful, black, sexy suit. I love this suit, this is my favorite. So before she was wearing that brown velor, now we're into black and classic. So we have the blazer, we have the lace cami underneath and then we have the pants and the shoes. Now what she did was, she kept the cami that she was wearing before under the brown suit, but incorporated it into the black suit. So now if you can just unbutton your blazer and just show them exactly what you have underneath. So, like I said you can intermix and you can change it up. So I love this, because it's different colored blacks. Now women are afraid that all of their blacks won't match, correct? But it doesn't matter because this looks fabulous and what you can do is even the shoes are a different color as well. So even if you have different color shoes or different colored pants, it's all black and it's a classy look and she can wear that anywhere. You're ready for a business lunch, I think. So just remember when you're going out, always get something black classic, and colors and all of the other suits will come after that. So how long did it take you to find that suit? Oh, easy! Classic. And again, if you could just do a little spin for us, and show how the pants, again, we're going to show her butt, but the pants are so fitted, and I love that. And it's a high waist as well and it has the pockets so it gives that classic look again. But they are tight, so it shows off her curves. So turn around the other way. And now she just went from classic business woman to classic sexy business woman.