Video transcription

Hi! I am Jason Wyatt head golf professional here at Sunningdale Golf and Country Club and I am here to show you lefties how to hit a better chip shot. Just before you move into the basics of the chip, just remember I am a right-handed golfer if you are a lefty, you are a mirror image of me. So whatever I do you just follow again being a left-handed player. We are going to hit a chip shot here, so what I would like to do is grab my pitching wedge, 8 iron, 9 iron depends how far we have to go and when I hit a chip shot, I want to see the chip shot jump a third and run two-thirds to the hole, that means having to pick a spot out on the putting green that you have to hit. If you see my spot here, what I am going to do is my feet go together again, put the golf club down, align it up to my target, right thing it to go in. You got to make sure all my weights on the front foot, ball is back in my stance, my hands are forward and what I am going to do is I am going to make a stroke, set my triangle, maintain the triangle throughout the whole golf swing. What we see a lot of is people breaking their wrist and you cannot do that when you hit a chip shot, you will hit it thin or you will hit it what we call heavy, so once again weight upfront, pretend that from your waist down, you are in motion you cannot move. Grip down on the golf club, fall back of the stance, hands forward and just rock that shoulder back and forth. And finish. If you do those tips you will hit better chip shots.