I'm Roger Bacon with RGB Renovations, and this is how you repair a leaking dishwasher drain. Today, we've got a dishwasher that drains right into our garbage disposal and it turns out every time the dishwasher runs, a bunch of water comes out and leaks underneath our sink. The first thing you want to do is pull out the stuff that's under here and get yourself a little pan because there's always some water that comes out. We'll take our tools, which this time we've got a screwdriver set that releases the clamp on the dishwasher drain. We'll take our screwdriver and release the clamp, pull that hose off, being careful because if it's leaking there's going to be water in there and sometimes it's kind of smelly. So, it looks like for sure we can see that this hose and clamp assembly has cracked due to age. I don't know how long this one has been here. Let's pull this whole assembly apart and see what we need. This hose doesn't fit on our garbage disposal so we use this little adapter piece and that's what's gone haywire, clearly cracked, useless. Get a new one. Okay, we've got a new piece to attach our dishwasher hose back up to our garbage disposal and we're going to assemble it here. Put it back right on the snout of our garbage disposal and tighten up the clamp. Now, we want to run the dishwasher and check for leaks again while we've got the lights on and everything out in our pan ready. If everything is right, we fixed another leak. I'm Roger Bacon, and that's how you fix a dishwasher leak.