Okay, we're back and moving onto the next type of stain which is pretty common for pet lovers, and that is cat urine. And cat urine can be a lot more intense than dog urine in that it has a lot more smell to it over time, and if it soaks down underneath the carpet fibers into the padding underneath the carpet it can stay there for the life of the carpet and you'll have to replace it, so you want to get it up as fast as possible in a way that'll pull out the stain quickly. And the best way to do that is to use cornstarch. Cornstarch is highly absorbent, it doesn't leave an odor behind, and it's multi-purpose. Now, you just take the cornstarch, just standard cornstarch, and you want to put it over the area very liberally. And you just want to let it sit on the carpet for about an hour. The most important thing is that you wait until the corn starch is crusted and yellow, because that means that its pulled the liquid out. And as you can see, it's already beginning to pull out the liquid from this carpet, these carpet fibers. Now, once the color of the starch has changed all you want to do is vacuum it up, and it's important that while it's sitting there before you vacuum it that nobody walks on it, none of the animals come near it, and if they smell urine there they're going to want to come and deposit more urine in the same area, so it's important to keep it isolated. And once this is up I recommend vacuuming, and putting down a powder with a scent just to make sure that you get the smell of urine out of the area so that the animal won't be tempted to go back and urinate in the same area once again. So, that is how you get out cat urine from carpet fiber, and it's very non-intrusive, and it's safe, and the cornstarch is organic so it's not going to harm your little cats.