How to Make a Bevel Cut With a Miter Saw

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dave Trull at The Trull Gallery, and I'm going to show you today how to make a bevel cut with a miter saw. When people think about what a miter saw can do they immediately think of making a miter cut which would be changing the angle of the blade to the fence. What we're going to do is a bevel cut and we're going to do that by actually tilting the entire head of the blade or the head of the saw to one side or the other. Depending on what kind of saw you have, it will either move to the left or the right or some of the more expensive saws today will move left and right. All we're going to do is unlock the saw head, tilt it to the angle we want and I'll go ahead and set this at 45 so we can get a good look at what kind of a cut we're going to make. We're going to line up our stock to where we're actually going to cut it and I'm actually going to clamp it in place to make the cut and we do that because once we turn the blade at an angle it wants to draw the board towards the blade as we make the cut. So, by locking it or clamping it in place, you don't get that creep, you get a cleaner cut. Once you get it locked in place, we'll go ahead and make our cut and it's as simple as that. Alright so that's how to cut a bevel with a miter saw. I'm Dave Trull with The Trull Gallery, The Fine Art of Furniture Making.

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