Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. Welcome to Chris' Workshop. Today, we're going to talk about how to set your water heater for maximum energy savings. Every water heater has a temperature gage and it's important for you to know where that is and how to set it for the maximum energy efficiency. Consult your owner's manual; in this model here, it's right easily accessible on the outside. Sometimes it's behind the panel that you might have to access with a couple screws. But, it's always right there where you can get your hands on and it's worth finding out where it is. This model has a vacation setting for when you go out of town; that's a great way to save some money. Go ahead and turn it down if you're going to be away for the weekend or, or longer. Turn it down to that setting and that'll save you a little bit on your, on your utility bills. When you're home, you want to set the water heater as low as you can get it, but still high enough that it gives you the hot water service that you need to be comfortable and happy. So start, start setting it kind of low, maybe a 120, 115 degrees, and use that for a few days and see how you like it. When it's, when it's good, you can, you can try experimenting going a little bit lower. If you need a more hot water, go a little bit higher until you find that perfect balance. But, keep in mind, the lower you set it, the more money you're going to save. My name is Chris Palmer, thanks for joining me. That's how you set the temperature on your water heater.