Video transcription

Hi on behalf of Expert Village my name is Andrea Spano and I'm going to show you how to make several different flavored cheesecakes but one basic cheesecake recipe from my new book Not Just Desserts. Now we're going to work on another flavor this one I'm going to do the lemon so we're going to pour our plain batter, I'm going to take a package of lemon instant pudding. Going to add that to the mixture that's going to firm it up also and help bake it nice and firm. Now although it smells very lemony it doesn't look lemony so it will be very hard to distinguish this from the plain cheesecake. So to make sure it's does look a little bit more yellow than my plain cheesecake I'm going to take liquid food coloring and these little containers are perfect because you can add a drop at a time. When you turn it upside down nothing comes out but all you do is squeeze and squeeze one little drop, there you go, that's all you need. Just to make it a little bit more lemony color. I don't want to make it like a neon yellow color because then it'll look artificial. I just want to blend it, now we got our lemon cheesecake, this batter is nice and firm cause obviously I added dry ingredients into it which was a lemon instant pudding. But you can just smell all that lemon in this its very very strong.