Video transcription

We're back we've got the screen door in place now. The mesh looks great, it's tight, it's tidy and we got it on the track. But look! Try to open it and it's not going anywhere. No problem! Remember I told you earlier there two adjustment screws at the bottom that control the height of the wheels. What you want to is, you want to come down and get those screws adjusted so it brings the door up and it runs nice and smooth across the track and I'm going to show you how to do that right now. Take a look; this is where the screws are right here. All we do, as you turn this clockwise it's going to lift that wheel up, that's holding this in here and as the wheel raises the whole door comes up and fits better into the space. See it's coming up now, and then you test the, take you hands and lift up and make sure you don't have much of a gap anymore between the top guide and the bottom. That feels pretty good! You want it to be tight enough so that you do this and the door won't just pull out, and that's about where we want it. Check that out! It's running smooth and good, now let me just get that other side and we're done. This side still has a lot of play in it. We're going to lift this rubber gasket off here a little bit and just start turning and there it goes. Little bit more, a little bit louder now, a little bit more. Here it is, now it won't come out, but we still have enough play that it's going to run smooth. Let's test it! Perfect! I'm happy with that job, I'm Don