Video transcription

We're almost done, we're ready to re-install this puppy. Check it out! These screen doors, they always come with these little tracks, you've got one on top and you've got the ones on the sides so that it can guide it when it's rolling back and forth. What you want to do when you put this back in, is first you do the top part, got to do the top first. Angle it, and it's real simple. You've got these two wheels here, and you're going to put them up right underneath and inside the track. Then start to slowly move this into place. It's going to start resisting, but that's good that's what you want it to do. Now we get our flathead screwdriver! Make sure that your track is clear of any debris, and then we're going to lift up a little and slide it in. Get the flat part of your screwdriver blade underneath that wheel, you'll see it peaking out and just lift it up a little bit and put it down. That's it! We do the same for the back wheel, there's your wheel you can see it just barely peeking out there. Get your flathead blade under it, lift and slide it in. There you go! Now, remember those adjustment screws I told you about? This is the time to do that. Take our screwdriver, this is a pickup for the wheel, see it moving? We got the door on the track now and everything is looking pretty good. The wheels are in the right place but there's only one problem now, it's very hard to push. You see how it rocks back and forth, that's only because we haven't adjusted it and I told you very early on in this segment that we've got two adjustment screws at the bottom. One over here and one over here. When we come back, I'm going to show you how to adjust this and have it flowing smoothly and running perfect right across the track.