Video transcription

Hi, my name is Micheal Quebec, certified fitness instructor for the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Today's topic is easy exercises to lose belly and chest fat for men. It helps if you have one of these nutrition, nutrition value or calorie value books. They tell you, how much, more or less, how many calories you're expending when doing certain exercises, and they also tell you how many calories you're taking in for certain foods. So, they are a valuable tool to use when you're trying to lose weight. Alright, so let's go through an easy, moderate abdominal workout, or at least an abdominal exercise. Let's give one or two, if you've never exercised before. Keep in mind, that you have to protect your back and you have to protect your neck. Here's some crunches, I'm going to put the bottoms of my feet together, as if I'm doing a Butterfly Stretch. But, from here, I'm just going to lie back, and I'm going to have my elbows back with my hands bracing my head. What I don't want to do is I don't want to pull this way, that's going to strain my neck. What I'm thinking of is crunching in the stomach, crunching in my abdominals this way. I'm going to have the bottom of my feet together. From here, I take a deep breath in, I breathe out and bring my chest slightly up and contract the abdominal muscles. This is breathing in, this is breathing out, this is breathing in, this is breathing out. If you've never exercised or you're pretty sedentary, I do recommend, for awhile, until you get your strength up, maybe, do like one set of ten, three times a day. And then, as you gradually build up your strength, then you can do more. So, that's one easy abdominal exercise. Another one, and for the same value of time and the same amount, is this one. From here, you just bring your knees to your chest and tighten your abdominals, and then you just extend it out. This is breathing in, this is breathing out. Now, if your back is pretty strong, I can have my hand, my, sorry, I can have my feet close to the floor. Having your feet close to the floor, strains your, your abdominals, even more. But if your back is weak, for whatever reason you have, some kind of injury, I would bring the feet higher, to protect your back. And then, as you gradually get stronger, over time, over weeks or over months, then you can bring your feet closer to the floor. Let's do some easy strength exercises for the chest. For the chest, obviously, push-ups are one of the best things you can do. But, you have to protect your wrist and you've got to make sure that you're using your arms and not your back, again, for doing these push-ups. There's nothing wrong with doing push-ups on your knees, if you've never done them before. If you're sedentary, there's absolutely nothing wrong, there's no, there's nothing to be embarrassed about doing them on your knees. But, if you are going to do them on your knees, you want to make sure that your back is straight. So, I'm going to keep my back straight, I'm going to look at myself in the mirror, I don't want to have my hips back, too much. I want to keep my back straight, I want to have my fingers pointed inward, with my palms on the floor, this is breathing in, this is breathing out, this is breathing in, this is breathing out. If you're sedentary and have never exercised before, or it's been a long time since you've exercised, ten, rest, and then, do another set of ten, three times a week. As you get stronger, then you can go ahead, and go to your feet. Okay, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. Alright, my name is Michael Quebec and this subject was, how to lose belly fat and chest fat for men, we should say, how to tone the belly and chest for men. Thank you for joining us, my name is Micheal Quebec, thank you.