Fringe Styling Tips

Written by ava perez | 13/05/2017
Fringe Styling Tips
Learn how to get the most out of your fringe style. (woman with a fringe image by forca from

Fringe, or bangs, frame your face and add style and shape to any haircut. Once your fringe is cut, you can style them in a number of ways depending on your preference, up-do, hair texture or face shape. Styling tools, such as a flat iron, curling iron and a round brush, help to change up the look of your fringe.

Drying and Preparation

Any fringe style begins with proper preparation. Towel dry your hair then spritz with a heat-protectant spray. Decide if you will be wearing your hair straight or curled, then, depending on the style, run a pea-sized amount of straightening balm or volumizing mousse through your fringe. For straight styles, roll your fringe around a round brush then blow dry. For curly or wavy styles, allow your hair to air dry.

Curling and Straightening

Fringe can be worn swept to the side, straight across your forehead or curled back from the face. Clamp your flat iron onto your fringe at the roots and slide gently out and downward to straighten the hair. Aim to create a backwards "C" shape with the iron to achieve volume. For side-swept fringe, part your hair about 2 inches up from your ear and draw the hair across your forehead. Use a flat iron to smooth the hair across your face then spray with flexible-hold hairspray to lock in the style. Try curling the tips of the side-swept fringe if you are wearing the rest of your hair curled or wavy.


Once you have dried and straightened or curled your fringe, you can add accessories to complete your fringe look. Slip a crystal barrette into your fringe next to your temple to add elegance or tuck a flower clip in for a feminine touch. Hold your side-swept fringe out of your face with a practical and attractive hair clip. Just clip the tips of the fringe into the rest of your hair. A headband can be used to dress up your everyday fringe look. Choose a sparkly or velvet band and place it just behind your fringe.

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