Haircuts for young girls

Updated April 17, 2017

Styling a little girl's hair is sometimes a tricky process. Despite the fact that most young girls enjoy "looking pretty" from hair or make-up styling, they don't always like sitting still for a new haircut or styling session. The best option is to look for hairstyles that are easy to maintain, versatile and, most importantly, agreed upon by both you and your child.


Layered hairstyles are often viable options for young girls with medium to long hair. Layers add dimension and a swing to the hair that can't be achieved with a straight, blunt cut. Girls with fine, thin hair (which is often the case for little girls) especially benefit from layered styles as it gives their hair more body and volume. If you're concerned lots of layers will make your daughter look too grown up, try asking the stylist to cut just a couple fine layers at the ends of the hair. Another option is angling, which is cutting the hair on the front sides to ascending length from the bottom and usually to chin or just below chin level. This gives layers only to the sides and front of the face and still maintains the swing of regular layers.


When it comes to short hairstyles for little girls, bobbed haircuts are just as popular now as they were in the 1920s. Many parents opt for this style for their child because it's not only feminine and fun, but also easy to style and practical for active youngsters. Bobs are usually between chin and shoulder length and can be dressed up or dressed down as much as desired. If you're taking your little girl to have her hair cut in a bobbed style, let the stylist know what type of cut you want. A blunt bob is a cut where all the hair is at the same length in order to give extra volume to the hair; this is ideal for young girls with very fine or thin hair. If your child has thick hair, ask for a razor cut bob; this breaks the hair up into light layers with wispy ends to make the hair more controllable.


If you're little girl is more of a tomboy than a girlie-girl, she may be interested in a cropped hairstyle. These styles are ultra short (sometimes called a pixie cut) but still adorable so your little one can keep up with her active lifestyle without having to worry about hair in her face or styling long hair every day. Most cropped styles are just around ear length or shorter and have several layers cut into them to get the best look. Heavy fringe or side-swept fringe look perfect with short cuts, but if your child isn't interested in fringe they look just as good without. Just make sure you take her to regular trimming appointments since short haircuts require upkeep in this area.

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