Little Mermaid Costume Ideas

Written by jessica reed
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Little Mermaid Costume Ideas
A Little Mermaid costume is perfect for kids as well as older teenagers. (Nancy Pastor/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Classic Disney movies such as "The Little Mermaid" provide the perfect inspiration for young girls and even college students to create a Halloween costume inspired by their favourite mermaid. Ariel has quite the wardrobe of different outfits, and, if girls are tired of the traditional mermaid costume idea, they can choose one of the others to wear. From the traditional mermaid look to one of Ariel's memorable dresses, the movie provides plenty of inspiration for creating a homemade costume.

Mermaid Costume

The classic Little Mermaid costume works for girls of all ages. Create a mermaid's tail by wearing a tight green, floor-length skirt with ruffles attached to the end to represent fins. If no ruffled skirts are available, cut strips of green and blue sheer fabric and attach them with safety pins on the wrong side of the skirt so that they stick out from underneath. If girls find the skirt is too hard to walk around in, consider a pair of green cloth trousers with flared legs, which will look more like flippers than straight or skinny-style trousers.

For the top of the costume, younger girls can wear a purple or white shirt with a purple bikini drawn on it or worn over it. Weather conditions and the girl's age will determine whether to wear an actual bikini top or to cover up a bit more. To accessorise, add a pearl ring or necklace along with a long, bright red wig.

Beach Costume

Older teenage or college-age girls who still have a passion for classic Disney movies can dress as the Little Mermaid when she first turns human and climbs onto the beach. She quickly wraps up in a blanket and secures it with a robe tied around her waist. To imitate this simple costume, wrap a large white or light tan blanket around your body and secure with safety pins. Wrap a thin rope or piece of twine around your waist, and tie it to create a makeshift dress. Wear shorts and a tank top or tube top underneath in case of any accidental wardrobe malfunctions. To make it easier to guess who you are, wear a red wig or spray temporary, washout red hair dye onto your hair. Then clip in fake pieces of seaweed using hair clips.

Dress Costume

Two of Ariel's prominent dresses in the movie are the blue and black dress she wears during the "Kiss the Girl" song and the wedding dress she wears near the end of the movie. Girls who want to imitate the blue and black outfit will need to wear a long-sleeve light blue shirt with a black tube top or corset on top and a giant blue bow in their hair. The black corset is optional. Add a long, dark blue skirt to finish off the outfit. The red wig will also add a nice touch along with a pearl necklace if desired.

For the wedding dress, a white, floor-length dress with a puffy skirt and shoulders will work. Wedding dresses are common Halloween costumes, so girls could purchase a fake wedding dress costume and then add the red-hair wig and even carry a stuffed Sebastian or Flounder doll to make the costume easy to identify.

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