Things to Make With Crepe Paper

Updated April 17, 2017

Homemade crafts provide entertainment for adults and children alike. Crepe paper, a thin type of coloured paper, can be turned into a number of different craft projects. This type of paper is easy to work with because it is very pliable and light, while multiple folds of the paper provides extra strength.

Ghost Wind Socks

This craft works well for Halloween decorations. For a crepe paper ghost wind sock, you'll need white construction paper, white crepe paper, a black permanent marker, tape, string, and a stapler. Decorate a sheet of the construction paper with a ghostly face using the permanent marker, then staple the ends of the paper together to make a cylinder shape. Cut the crepe paper into strips that are at least eight feet long. Drape the strips over the top of the cylinder to form ghostly tendrils around the face. Tape the strips in place, then staple the string to opposite sides of the ghost to make a hanging handle. The wind sock can be hung in trees outside for a spooky effect or hung indoors near fans.

Paper Flowers

Flowers are one of the more popular crafts involving crepe paper. These flowers may be simple in that they are just twists of crepe paper connected by a pipe cleaner, or they may be more complex in nature. Several styles of flowers can made, such as crepe paper roses, calla lilies, or sunflowers. These more complicated crepe paper flowers involve wooden dowels for stems, as well as tape and glue. After following a specific flower pattern, the dowel then is covered with green crepe paper to act as a stem.


Masks made of crepe paper involve gluing the paper to a sturdier material, then decorating as desired. These masks can be used for any occasion, such as Halloween, Mardi Gras or Valentine's Day. Cut cardboard or construction paper into the desired shape, then glue crepe paper to the front. More crepe paper can be used for mask embellishment or other features. Extras that can be put on the mask include glitter, stickers, buttons, and feathers.

Fake Campfire

A fake crepe paper campfire can be a nice touch to an indoor campout. For this craft, you would need brown paint, cardboard tubes from either paper towels or toilet tissue, glue, and red, yellow, and orange crepe paper. Paint the cardboard tubes with the brown paint and let them dry. Once dry, glue the tubes together into a campfire-like pile, having them act as the logs. The crepe paper should be crumpled up and arranged in a way that makes it look like fire.

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