How to Make Papyrus Paper Crafts for Kids Images

If you are teaching grammar school students about ancient history, you can help the kids get into the lessons more by providing them with a thematic craft or activity that is related to the material. For example, you can show the kids how they can create a scroll that looks as if it is made with papyrus, which was commonly used in ancient times instead of wood pulp paper. You can make a papyrus paper craft using a few basic art supplies.

Fill a bowl with warm water and place a black tea bag into the water. Allow the tea bag to soak in the water for at least 10 minutes. You can use any type of black tea you prefer.

Place a sheet of cream-coloured premium paper onto a table top. Premium paper will be thicker and more textured than standard printer paper. Soak a sponge into the black tea water and apply the tea over the surface of the paper. If small puddles occur, allow the puddles to remain in place. Let the paper dry for 1 hour. The black tea will make the paper look aged and discoloured like papyrus.

Light a match and singe the edges of the paper. Blow out any flames that occur, and allow the glowing edges to cool and go out completely. Rub the edges using a piece of tissue paper in small, circular motions. This will make the edges look weathered like an old piece of papyrus.

Apply craft glue onto the top and bottom edge of the paper, and curl both edges around separate wooden dowels. Hold each edge in place for 5 minutes so that the paper is securely glued onto the dowel.

Roll the bottom edge over the bottom dowel until you reach the centre of the paper. Roll the top edge over the top dowel until you meet the other rolled dowel in the centre of the paper. This will make the paper look like a scroll of papyrus.

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