How to Make a Cactuar Cosplay Costume

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Cactaur is a character from the Final Fantasy games. Cactaur is a creature that looks like a cactus with a large mouth and round, black staring eyes. These funny little characters are one of the easiest enemies to fight in the Final Fantasy games. They were first introduced in Final Fantasy VI in the desert world of Ruin. You can make a Cactaur costume for cosplay or Halloween, but this costume is time consuming to make.

Cut out two circles from the foam large enough to fit around your body. Cut one to fit around your hips and one to fit around your chest. Make the outside edge of the circles about 6 inches away from the inside edge.

Wrap some wire mesh into a tube shape. Make the tube long enough to reach from your hips to about 2 feet over the top of your head. Make the width of the tube the same diameter as the outside edge of the foam circles. Tie the edges of the tube together with zip ties.

Fit the two foam circles inside the wire tube. Fit one about 3 feet down from the top of the tube and the second circle about 18 inches up from the bottom. Hold the circles in place with zip ties.

Cut the top foot of the mesh into points. Bend the points together to make a domed top and hold it together with zip ties. Cut three small wire mesh rectangles and attach them to the top of the costume with zip ties.

Cut out two holes about half way down the mesh on either side to stick your arms through. Wrap some fabric around the holes to prevent the metal from sticking into your arms. Spray the outside of the mesh with spray adhesive. Wrap a layer of fabric around the outside of the mesh tube.

Cut a hole into the front of the mesh tube in an elongated oval shape. Place this hole where your face will go, so you can see out of the costume. This will make the mouth of Cactaur.

Take the mesh tube outside. Spray the outside of the tube with spray insulation foam. Allow the foam to dry for 12 hours or overnight.

Grind the surface of the foam smooth with an angle grinder. Wear safety goggles and a dust mask when sanding the foam.

Make some loose trousers from the green fabric. Draw the outline of the bottom half of your body onto the fabric and add one inch for a seam allowance. Sew the two halves of the trousers together. Fold over the top edge of the trousers and sew a 1 inch hem. Leave a small opening in the hem so you can slip a piece of elastic inside to make the waist of the trousers. Sew the opening closed and the two ends of the elastic together.

Make two arm sleeves to slip up over your arms. Sew three sides of the sleeves together. Turn the sleeves inside out to hide the seams.

Cut a small circle from foam to fit inside the bottom of each sleeve. Round the top half of the circle to make a sphere shape. Cut out a small hole on the inside of the circle so you can fit your fists inside the circle. Push the foam spheres inside the ends of the sleeves.

Paint the foam head lime green. Paint vertical green strips down the outside of the head and on the trousers and sleeves.

Add a small panel of black mesh to the inside of the mouth shape. Add two circles of black mesh above the mouth with craft glue to make eyes. Cover the three mesh rectangles at the top of the head with black mesh as well.

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