How to Make a Mosque From a Cardboard Box

A mosque is a house of worship for followers of Islam. Making a mosque out of a cardboard box lets you teach your children about religion in a hands-on way. This is the perfect project for a rainy afternoon.

Abuja National Mosque, Nigeria.

Understand what a mosque looks like. There are many architectural traditions, but the mosque you will create is based on the Abuja National Mosque in Nigeria.

Set the cardboard box upside-down so it opens to the floor. Draw or paint windows and entryways on the box and on the cardboard rolls. Mosque windows tend to be rectangular or archlike.

Bayt al Mukarram mosque in Bangladesh.

Glue a cardboard roll vertically at each corner of the box. Glue an ice cream cone with the point up to the top of the cardboard rolls.

Cover the paper bowl with foil. Glue the rim to the centre of the cardboard box.

Embellish the mosque otherwise as desired.

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