How to Make a Cardboard Shotgun

Vickie Kapnas

Whether the need is for a theatrical prop, an addition to a Halloween costume or just a little creative fun, making a shotgun from cardboard is not difficult. This is an inexpensive craft project that does not require a great deal of skill or time. Children can also learn some very basic sculpting techniques by creating this three-dimensional firearm.

Gun image

Draw the gun on cardboard and trace with black marker. It's easy to find images of guns on the internet that can serve as a reference. Rulers can help to create straight edges where necessary.

Tracing sections

Trace over most prominent areas with tracing paper to create patterns.

Extra pieces

Draw additional pieces on cardboard, one piece for each side of the gun.

Detail added

Add dimension by filling in with black marker in appropriate places.

Sculpted effect

Cut out gun and extra pieces. Increase definition by building up each piece with additional cardboard.

Layered cardboard

Glue all pieces in place with white school glue.

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