How to Make a Paper Turret

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For many people, the sight of a majestic castle calls to mind fairy tales and fantasy, history and heraldry. Such allusions to chivalrous medieval times inspire whimsy and nostalgia and can be made by budding artists of any age with a simple craft project. Unlike the architectural marvels of true historic castles, these can be made with recycled materials found around the home. Building a castle would not be complete without the element that gives it its distinctive look: a turret.

Wrap the paper towel tube in construction paper. Cover the entire tube and glue paper into place on the tube.

Draw a large circle on a new sheet of construction paper using the protractor. Cut the circle out with scissors. Fold the circle in half, making a sharp crease. Unfold. Fold the circle in half in the opposite direction, again making a sharp crease, and unfold. The creases should designate four equal sections.

Cut out one-quarter of the circle along the creased lines. Place a strip of double-sided tape along one straight edge. Roll into a cone shape. Overlap one straight edge over the other and smooth toward a pointed corner.

Stand up the tube on its end. Outline the top edge in liquid glue. Place the cone, pointed-side up, on top of the tube. Hold in place for 60 seconds for the glue to bond to the cone. Let dry.

Decorate as desired. Draw a doorway and windows on the tube or cut them out using a utility knife. Add extra glue to secure construction paper around cutouts if necessary.

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