How to make a Roman town out of paper

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If you are teaching students about Roman history, it can be helpful to provide your students with a hands-on project to allow them to learn more visually. For example, when learning about Roman villages, your students can create a paper diorama of a Roman town to accompany a written report.

Once each of the students is finished making the town, he can display it while reading his report in front of the class.

Draw Roman buildings onto ivory and tan construction paper. Use an ancient history book as a reference for design ideas. Make sure to draw buildings that have columns and rectangular shapes like ancient Roman buildings did. Draw at least 20 different buildings.

Cut out the buildings with scissors.

Paint the inside of a shoebox with acrylic paint. Paint the inside top of the box blue to resemble the sky and paint the inside sides and bottom of the box tan and light green to resemble the Italian countryside. Allow the paint to dry.

Press tan modelling clay onto the bottom of the box to resemble the landscape.

Insert the paper buildings into the modelling clay. Place the buildings close together, as they would have been in ancient Rome.