Flower table decoration ideas

Fresh flowers add a touch of elegance to any table. Whether you are hosting a bridal shower or a dinner party for friends, you can incorporate flowers into your table decorations. Although a glass vase is a simple and tasteful way to use flowers on your tables, you can choose from a number of more creative flower table decoration ideas as well. Consider the colour scheme of your event as well as its theme when creating flower table decorations. Cut down on costs by choosing flowers that are in season.

Creative Holders

Make your flower table decorations stand out by choosing flower holders that match the theme of your event. If you're hosting a wine and cheese party, then fill empty wine bottles with deep-hued flowers like red roses or purple lisianthus. Dress up your tables at a pool party by filling a beach bucket with sand and pushing a few brightly coloured flowers like tulips or daisies into the sand. Or, fill a fishbowl with water and add tropical flowers like dahlias. For a backyard barbecue, dress down your flower table decorations by filling a tin can full of sand and filling it with flowers. You can even paint the tin can to match the theme, like red, white and blue for a Fourth of July bash.

Flowers and More

Give your flower table decorations a personal touch by incorporating other elements into floral bouquets. For a wedding reception, bridal shower or dinner party, print black and white pictures of the guests of honour or simply the guests in attendance. Attach these pictures to dowel rods, and place the "picture flowers" into the floral bouquet. For a birthday party, cut numbers out of card stock in a colour that matches the flowers you choose, like "4" and "0" for a 40th birthday party. Attach the numbers to dowel rods, and incorporate them into your bouquet. For an engagement party or couples wedding shower, you can spell out the bride's and groom's names using cutout letters and add them to the bouquet as well.

Vase Filler Ideas

Dress up an ordinary vase with some colourful accents. Sliced or whole citrus fruits like lemons or limes add a pop of colour to a glass vase. Coloured crystals or pebbles can complement the flower colours and incorporate the event colour scheme into the vase. Coloured sand is an original and on-theme vase filler for a beach-themed event like a luau. Add a youthful tone to a floral table decoration by filling vases full of coloured candies, like chocolate candies or gumdrops.

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