Suggestions for a 40th Wedding Anniversary Party

Updated February 21, 2017

When a couple reaches 40 years of marriage, this is definitely cause for celebration. If you've been asked to organise an anniversary celebration for your parents or loved ones, you can incorporate the colours and flowers associated with the 40th wedding anniversary to decorate the party and serve food that all the guests are sure to enjoy.

Ruby Party

The ruby is the precious stone associated with the 40th anniversary. Use this colour and stone to decorate the party space by draping burgundy tablecloths across each guest table, and sprinkling red or ruby table confetti on the tops of the table. For an evening celebration, use burgundy tea light candles--place them in a bowl or vase with a wide brim and pour water into the vase so the candles float. Or use large ruby candles as a centrepiece--place the candles on a large tray, and include edible decorations such as apples or pomegranate to further enhance the ruby theme. Rent a balloon arch to place over the table where the couple will sit, and tie large burgundy satin ribbons around the backs of each chair to coordinate with the tables.

Nasturtium Party

The flower associated with being married 40 years is the nasturtium. This flower has lush red petals, and will make a wonderful table centrepiece. Place large clear glass or burgundy vases at each corner of the room and fill the vases with nasturtiums, real or synthetic. If you're featuring an elaborate decoration like a giant candle or ice sculpture in the centre of the table where the food is served, place a wreath of nasturtiums around the sculpture to further adorn the centrepiece. When the 'bride and groom' enter the anniversary party, give them a nasturtium corsage and boutonnière to wear for the evening. You can even use synthetic nasturtium flowers to create the anniversary party invitations. Tie a burgundy ribbon around the stem of the flower, and attach a small card to the string that provides the details to the party.

'Memories' Party

Create a night that the couple will never forget by playing a pre-recorded DVD of family and friends wishing them a very happy anniversary and continued happiness in their life together. Use digital photo frames as table centrepieces, and feature pictures of the couple sharing their first wedding dance, welcoming their children into the world, or moving into their first home. Serve food that was served at the couple's wedding, and get pictures of the original wedding cake--have a professional baker make a replica of the cake for the "bride and groom" to enjoy. Invite old friends of the couple who knew them when they were dating, or in the early stages of their marriage, and have them say a few words in person to express their well wishes for the couple. Send guests home with a CD party favour that features the couple's favourite love songs.

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