Examples of 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations

Updated February 21, 2017

If you've been placed in charge of organising a 50th wedding anniversary for a special couple in your life, you'll want to send out invitations that will give the guests an accurate impression of how enjoyable and memorable the celebration will be. Looking at a few examples of invitations can prove to be very helpful in designing the perfect invite for the occasion.

Golden Invitations

Since gold is the colour associated with the 50th wedding anniversary, print the invitations on gold paper to make them classy and eye-catching. The shimmery hue will draw the guest's attention, and make them more likely to RSVP early or remember the party date. Print the words for the invitation (i.e. time, date and address of the anniversary party) in black so they will show up well on the paper, and use a font that is very easy to read, so that the golden paper will be the main attraction of the invitation. Purchase black envelopes for the invites, and use gold envelope seals with the first initial of the couple's last name as a finishing touch.

Invitations with Borders

Add gold accents to the invitations by designing a gold border with cellophane or metallic paper. You can also buy invitations with pre-made gold borders to use for the anniversary celebration. Use ivory or cream-coloured paper if you want the invitation to resemble a traditional wedding invite, or black and navy blue paper for an evening event or if these happen to be among the couple's favourite colours. Gold font will also make the invitations appealing, and will stand out well against both dark colours and white invitation paper. If you would like to honour the family traditions that the couple have built together over the last 50 years, ask friends and family to help you gather family pictures to create an invitation border with. Take the photos to a graphic artist to have them reduced and formed into a completely original invitation border that will make the invite a keepsake.

Flower Invitations

The flower associated with the 50th wedding anniversary is the violet. Create invitations that reflect this theme by using a closeup photo of a bouquet of violets as the backdrop for the invitations. Print the invitation details in gold letters, and send the invites in purple envelopes with gold seals. Alternatively, you can cut the invitation paper in the shape of a large violet. Include information about the celebration on the petals of the invitation. Or, use fresh violets for the invitations by tying a small card to the flower stems with gold string. This method works best if the guest list is small, and you can give the invitations to guests in person.

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