Afro Caribbean Weave Hairstyles

Updated April 17, 2017

There are many different hairstyle choices for Afro Caribbean weaves, including curly, straight and braided. There are various lengths as well. Shorter locks are polished and professional while longer lengths are more fun and flirtatious. If you are looking to stay in the middle, the medium-length weave is an option. Mid-length weaves can be either pinned up or worn down for any occasion, and they are great for the nine-to-five business meeting as well as the after-five happy hour.


African American hair has a great texture for braiding. For a more versatile look, weave extensions are normally added. Braid extensions are several hairstyles in one. They can either be worn long and straight or pinned up into a bun or a ponytail. You can pin up the top half and leave the bottom free-flowing. They can also be braided into different designs. One of the best aspects of braids is that with proper care, they last for several weeks while requiring little maintenance. This is a popular option for travellers or for those who like a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Long and Straight

This is another hairstyle that has plenty of options. It can be worn straight and flowing or pinned up. The long, straight weave can also be pulled back into a ponytail or up into a bun for either a fun or professional look. Real or synthetic hair is used and comes in several shades, including black, blond and chestnut. If you are looking for highlights, a professional stylists can dye it. These weaves are either glued or sewn in, but they tend to last longer with sewing. While sewing is more expensive, it doesn't stress the hair as much. Proper care requires gentle washing once or twice a week and wrapping at night for longevity.


The curly weave is another great style that is functional and practical yet displays a fun side. The curly weave comes in many lengths and styles, including bobbed, flowing and mid-length. Real or synthetic hair is used and is sewn or glued in. This hairstyle is a practical choice for women who do a lot of travelling. With proper hair care and products, this weave will last several weeks. Gently wash and thoroughly condition hair once or twice a week. Towel dry and work a small amount of stylist-suggested products into the hair and scalp. Nighttime care includes wrapping in a silk scarf.


Afro Caribbean hair extensions should be cared for properly to keep them healthy and looking great. Laissez Fair Hair, a professional hair care site, recommends the professional products Sebastian, Redken, Biolage and Nexxus.

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