60th birthday party centerpiece ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

At a 60th birthday party celebration, centrepieces can support the theme and provide conversation pieces for guests. Centrepieces can be elegant, funny, or meaningful, and can double as party favours for diners. As you plan a centrepiece consider how you can supplement other decorations and add a personal touch to the tables.

Funny Photos

For birthday honorees that are not afraid to laugh at themselves or for people who are constantly making other people laugh, make centrepieces using funny photos. Find pictures from each decade of the person's life and assign one decade per table - split the decades down further for additional tables. For each table, choose six to eight photos that epitomise the personality of the birthday man or woman. To display the photos, look for stands that have a weighted bottom, a metal post, and a simple clip to secure the photo. Line them up along a square table with two photos back-to-back, or place them facing out on a round table. Complete the centrepiece with small items that relate to the photo or the decade; antique sets of jacks for decade one, for example, or shiny beaded necklaces for a Mardi Gras photo.

Elegant Display

If you are throwing a formal birthday party, choose elegant centrepieces that reflect the preferences of the guest of honour. For a woman who loves silver jewellery, for example, you might focus on silver elements. Use a selection of silver candlesticks paired with white candles, pile Christmas balls in low silver serving dishes, or place individual flowers in tall silver bud vases. For a sophisticated centrepiece, choose a minimalist style and incorporate candles, which cast a warm light that is flattering for guests of all ages. Before the party, ask the birthday person about their favourite flowers, colours, jewels, and other preferences to get an idea of what will be visually appealing to them in a centrepiece.

Wish Trees

For centrepieces that can double as memorable gifts, create a wish tree for each table. To make the centrepiece, find a selection of bare tree branches and anchor them in a clear glass bowl or large vase using sand, beach rocks or beads; you may need to tie the branches together around a weight to make them stand straight. Drape each tree with decorative beads or ribbons, or hang small crystals from branches to reflect the light. At each place setting, put a small, coloured card with a ribbon strung through a hole in the top. Guests can then write their birthday messages, good wishes, or personal memories of the birthday honoree and hang them on the tree for a meaningful, beautiful centrepiece.

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