Creative Ways to Wrap Money Gifts

Written by george n. root iii
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Creative Ways to Wrap Money Gifts
Make your money gifts creative with unique wrapping methods. (money image by Valentin Mosichev from

Money is a good gift, and you can make it more interesting when you find creative ways to wrap the gift money. According to, putting money in a card lacks the creativity that a good gift should have. Make your money gift stand out by creating an interesting presentation.

Packing Material

In order to make a money gift special you need to make the recipient work for their gift. Use packing material and a large box to make the gift fun for you and for the recipient. Ideally you will want to find the kind of packing material that is shaped like half of a golf ball with the middle scooped out. Roll up one of the bills, put it between two pieces of packing material, tape them together and then drop all of the taped-together balls with the money inside into a large box full of packing material. To make it more interesting, tape together packing material that does not have money it. If you cannot find that particular kind of packing material, then rolling up the bills in little pieces of bubble wrap will do the same thing. Cut the rest of the bubble wrap into pieces approximately the same size as the money pieces and fill a large box. Another option is to crumple the bills and throw them into a box of shredded newspaper.

Scavenger Hunt

You can use the money greeting card approach as a set-up for a more elaborate way to wrap money as a gift. Instead of money in the card, put an instruction on where to find the next card. In some cards you can put a bill, but include more instructions to keep looking for more cards.

Wallet Gift

There are two ways you can use the wallet approach to giving someone a money gift. You can give them the wallet and tell them to open it to see the money gift inside, or you can let them find the money for themselves.

Balloon Pop

You can turn giving money as a gift into a game with a balloon pop. Put money inside a dark-coloured balloon and inflate the balloon. As a decoy, put crumpled newspaper the size of a dollar bill into other dark-coloured balloons and inflate them. Tell the recipient that they have try to choose the right balloons if they want the money.

Piggy Bank

Instead of wrapping the money gift in wrapping paper, put the money in a piggy bank and give that to the recipient. You could also get a small gift safe and have the recipient try to guess the combination.

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