Asian Bride Hairstyles

Updated March 23, 2017

Asian bride hairstyles make the most of the traditionally thick, glossy hair associated with Asian ethnic backgrounds. Asian hair's higher porosity allows it to absorb more moisture, according to Asia MS, an online beauty resource for Asian women.

Asian brides can prepare for finding the perfect wedding hairstyle before the big day by meeting with a bridal hair stylist at least a couple of times for hairstyle trial-runs, flipping through bridal magazines and remembering to wash hair the day before the wedding day so that it's better able to respond to hair products and heating tools, according to Your Dream Shaadi, an online wedding resource for Asian women.

Long And Simple

Asian brides may choose a long and simple hairstyle, according to Wedding Hairstyle Gallery in an article entitled, "Asian Wedding Hairstyles." Long and simple hairstyles work well for brides with healthy, lengthy locks wanting a natural-looking effect. Simple, pinned side fringe and an offset part work well with this bridal hairstyle. Brides with thinning hair may choose to incorporate natural hair extensions, according to Your Dream Shaadi.

Veil And Tiara

For a full-fledged bridal look, Asian brides may choose to style hair simply and away from the face to showcase a veil and tiara, according to "Asian Wedding Hairstyles." An offset part and low, elegant bun display attractive necks and shoulders while allowing the bridal veil and tiara to take centre stage. Some brides may wish to include loose wisps, curls or tendrils for a less-severe look. Styling gel and hairspray will help prevent flyaway strands that distract from the simple hairstyle.

Asian brides may also choose to forgo a veil in favour of a more elaborate tiara. Up-do's are a good choice for this. Thicker Asian hair can be combed upward and anchored into place with styling products and hairpins. It's also possible to create thick waves along the crown of the head for extra volume, tucking the ends beneath the tiara for a smoother look.

Bridal Flowers

Asian brides may want to acknowledge their cultural heritage by tucking Asian flower blossoms into their bridal tresses. Orchids and white butterfly ginger are traditional Asian flowers, according to Garden Guides. Flowers can be tucked behind the ear or pinned into curls. If large blossoms are preferred, use only one or two. Smaller blossoms may be scattered throughout the hair for a windblown, ethereal look.

Because wedding blossoms can be quite delicate, Asian brides may want to keep several additional blossoms chilling in a cooler or refrigerator so that drooping blossoms can be swapped out of the hairstyle during the reception. Alternatively, Asian brides may choose to use silk Asian-style flowers in their wedding hairstyles.

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