Ideas for a Fairy Themed Party

Updated June 26, 2018

A fairy party captures the magic of childhood and is sure to delight a young girl who loves fairies. A general fairy theme works just as well as focusing on a specific fairy such as Tinkerbell. Incorporate the fairy theme throughout the party details for a magical party experience.


Homemade fairy invitations are a "custom" announcement for the birthday party. Parchment paper is a light, slightly see-through material reminiscent of fairy wings, and works in a regular computer printer so you can print the party details directly onto it. You can find the paper in a variety of colours at craft stores; choose a colour that matches your party decor. Once printed, give the ink plenty of time to dry before touching the invitations. Cut the parchment paper into fairy wing shapes, or roll the invitations into scrolls.


Fairies are often associated with enchanted forests. Create your own enchanted forest in the party area with decorations. Cut out large tree shapes from paper or cardboard. Paint the trees and hang them on the wall. Let green, helium-filled balloons float to the ceiling to create the look of a forest canopy overhead. Cut out large mushrooms from paper or cardboard and add to the wall scene. Artificial vines and flowers from a craft store also work well to create the forest feeling on the walls and tables. Make fairy cutouts or purchase fairy wall decor from a party supply store. Add the fairies to the forest scene on the walls.

Fairy Makeover

As the guests enter the party, transform them into fairies. You can easily make fairy wings for each guest using two inexpensive wire hangers and a pair of white tights. Snap off the curved portion of the hangers. Twist the two hangers together and bend to create wing shapes. Cut the legs off of the tights and stretch one leg over each wing. Tie the tights together in the middle. Use leftover lengths of tights to make arm loops. Tie the lengths around the middle of the wings to create one loop for each arm. Add some flowers or a bow in the middle to hide the wing connection. The guests slip their arms through the two loops to wear the wings. Homemade tutus, body glitter, fairy tattoos, flower head bands and tiaras are other accessories that work well for the fairy makeover.


Add a fairy twist to party games. The fairies placed on the wall for the party decorations work well for a game. When you put the fairies on the wall, make some harder to find in the "forest" than others. Have the guests count how many fairies they can find. The first guest to tell you the correct number of fairies is the winner.

Fairy freeze dance works well for kids of all ages. Play whimsical music in the background and encourage the party guests to dance around like fairies while wearing their fairy costumes-then freeze when you stop playing the music. If any of the kids move while the music is off, they are out of the game. Continue starting and stopping the music until only one dancing fairy is left.


Party favours give your guests a thank-you gift at the end of the party, so keep the favours related to fairies. If you give guests a fairy transformation, the wings and other accessories work well as the favours and the guests have fairy accessories for dress up at home. A fairy wand is another party favour option, as are fairy colouring books, stickers, temporary tattoos and small fairy toys.

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