Last Minute Anime Costume Ideas

Written by ticara gailliard
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Last Minute Anime Costume Ideas
(Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Many people feel a sense of enjoyment from dressing up as their favourite anime characters. This practice, known as cosplay, is prevalent in anime conventions and other anime-related forums. If you want to get into cosplay, but don’t have the time to spend weeks or months on a costume, there are many options available. Some anime characters have costumes that can be made from clothes you likely already own or can easily borrow as a last-minute costume.

Haruhi Fujioka, Ouran High School Host Club

This costume could be used for any of the Host Club members, though girls may prefer to dress as Haruhi, the Host Club’s accidental member. The Host Club uniform consists of a light blue blazer with black trousers, a white undershirt, and black tie. Haruhi wears black shoes with her outfit, and has a dark brown short haircut if you opt to find a wig or style your hair similarly. The jackets have a crest on them as well, which can be drawn yourself and attached to your jacket.

Kagome, InuYasha

The female lead of the hit anime series "InuYasha," Kagome’s costuming is very simple. She is dressed in a standard schoolgirl uniform. Find a dark green skirt, preferably with pleats. The shorter the skirt, the better, as Kagome’s skirt is a bit higher than mid-thigh length. Next, you will need a long sleeve white shirt with a wide dark green collar. If you can’t find a collared shirt, you can make a collar yourself from some dark green fabric. Find a handkerchief and attach it to your shirt as if it were a tie. To complete the outfit, don white knee-high socks and dark brown loafers. Buying a wig isn’t necessary, but can help fulfil the look. Look for a black wig that reaches mid-back, with fringe.

Lil’ Slugger, Paranoia Agent

Cosplaying as the terror-inducing scapegoat of Paranoia Agent requires only a few items. Start with a long-sleeve black shirt. Layer a dark blue hooded sweatshirt over it. You’ll need a pair of olive khaki coloured cargo shorts and red baseball cap as well. There are a few accessories that come along with this costume, the most important of which is Lil’ Slugger’s bat. The bat is bent, so if you can find an old bent metal bat, that would be best. You can also bend a plastic one, or a metal one that is no longer in use. Lil’ Slugger wears gold rollerblades, but any colour is fine. There are also four buttons needed—a red one in the bottom left hand of the sweatshirt and three buttons across the front of the baseball cap. The left side of the cap has a yellow button and a purple button, and the right side has a dark green button.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Trigun

Wolfwood is preacher in the anime series "Trigun" and is a popular cosplay subject. For this costume, wear a black suit and white butterfly collared shirt. You could opt to wear Wolfwood’s long black coat over your costume, as well. To accessorise, you’ll need a fake cigarette and a giant cross wrapped with black tape. The cross can be made from foam or wood, or any other material you can find at the last minute. You can also choose to carry a plastic gun with you for even more of a match to the original character.

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