Different ways to put bangs up

Updated February 21, 2017

Bangs add versatility to your hairstyle. There are a myriad of styles to choose from, including long side-swept fringe and baby fringe that are reminiscent of Bettie Page. If you have fringe and want to change up your look, learn different ways to put fringe up. Shorter fringe may be harder to put up but, with the right technique, you can pull it off.


Creating a bump or a front "poof" with your fringe is a youthful and stylish way to put fringe up. The bump is only possible with medium-length to long fringe. Use a rattail comb to tease the fringe from behind. Mist the fringe with a light-hold hairspray and fold the hair back, leaving a lot of volume at the front, and hair clip the ends of the fringe to your hair.

Twist and Pin

For all lengths of fringe, creating a cute twist and pinning them into place is a bohemian, surfer-girl look. It is easier to pin fringe up in this way if you have long, side-swept fringe. It is doable with shorter fringe as well. One way to do it is to part the hair on the side, twist and pin into place on one side with a decorative barrette or hair clips. Another way is to part hair in the middle, twist the fringe on each side and pin into place on both sides.


Try pulling fringe up into a side French braid. To do this, you will need to weave the fringe into other hair on the side of the head. Another way to do it is a French braid headband across the top of the head, incorporating your fringe. It is perfect for a warm, sunny day at the beach.


One of the easiest ways to pull your fringe back is with a headband. Use a wide one, covered with cloth. This type of headband holds the fringe best. Sweep the fringe back and put on the headband. Push the headband forward a touch to create more volume in front.

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