Soldier Hat Craft

Written by trisha dawe
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Soldier Hat Craft
Paint or colour your homemade helmet in black, brown, tan and green to camouflage it. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Whether for dramatic play at home or for use in a theatrical presentation, creating a soldier helmet or hat will surely add to the experience. Use recycled items from around the house instead of purchasing new materials to save money. Allow your military pride to shine with your homemade soldier hat.

Recycled Helmet

Wash and rinse out a plastic gallon milk jug and allow it to dry. Cut the handle and top from the jug and smooth the edges with sandpaper. Paint the entire outside of the jug with black, green or camouflage paint patterns. Cut two small holes 1/2 inch from the helmet opening and tie a 8-inch string through each. Tie the strings underneath the wearer's chin to secure it to his head. For younger children, adapt the craft to a half-gallon plastic milk jug.

Construction Paper Hat

Cut one 2-inch-wide piece of black construction paper that is long enough to measure around the wearer's head and staple it to fit. You may have to connect two strips to be long enough. Cut another four, 2-inch-wide strips across the width of a piece of black construction paper and staple one end of each strip to one side of the 2-inch-wide ring. Overlap the strips in the centre and staple the other ends to the other side of the ring to complete a paper soldier's helmet. Use glue in lieu of staples and felt instead of paper to create a hat with a different look.

Newspaper Navy Hat

Fold a whole sheet of newspaper in half, if not done so already, because they commonly arrive this way. Position the folded paper so the long-edge openings are toward you. Fold the top, left corner down, using the centre of the folded newspaper edge as the hat point. Repeat with the top, right corner of the paper. There should be a 2- to 3-inch section at the bottom, toward you, that is not folded. Fold that strip up over the folded corners. Open the bottom edges facing you and place the hat on your head. Secure the corner folds and bottom strip with a piece of clear tape. This craft can be a Navy sailor's hat.

Paper Mache

Mix 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of water in a mixing bowl. Rip 1-inch-wide newspaper strips and inflate a round balloon. Dip each paper strip into the flour mixture and run it through your finger and thumb to rid the strip of excess. Layer the strips over the top of the balloon, creating a double or triple thickness. Allow the paper mache to dry, remove the balloon and trim the dome with scissors to look like a helmet. Paint the helmet black, green, brown or a mixture of the three. Wear the helmet or use it as decoration in a military-themed bedroom.

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