How to Type a Crown Symbol

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If you feel like Myspace or Facebook royalty, you might want to add a crown symbol to your display name or to decorate your page without the use of a web graphic. There are four different crowns that you can use, and they each correspond to a chess piece -- the black king and queen and the white king and queen. These are called in Unicode symbols, and they will show up if you correctly enter the code where HTML is enabled.

Type ♛ HTML code, and save the edited page to display the black chess queen's crown. A queen's crown has five points at the top with a small circle at the end of each point. The black queen's crown is filled in with whatever colour your text is.

Enter ♚ wherever you want the black chess king's crown to appear. A chess king's crown is rounded at the top on each side, with a square with an "x" in the top centre. The black chess king's crown won't necessarily be filled in with black, unless that is the colour of your text.

Enter the code ♕ as it appears here to display the white chess queen crown. The chess queen's crown has five points extending upward from with base, and the white queen is just an outline of the queen's crown. The outline will appear in the colour of your text colour.

Type the code ♔ in your Myspace or Facebook profile editors where you want the white chess king's crown to appear. The chess king's crown symbol is just like the crown of a real traditional chess piece, in that it has a rounded top with a decoration extending up with the middle. The white king's crown symbol is an outline in the colour of your text.

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