How to Make Children's Costumes for an Easter Play at Church

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The Christian Easter story focuses on the story of Christ rising from the dead after his death 3 days earlier. Most of the characters in the Easter story are people, aside from an angel and Jesus himself.

Making Easter costumes for a church Easter play is very simple, because all you have to do is recreate the costumes that people wore in the time of Jesus. These costumes require a large amount of fabric, but few other materials. Plan on about 2 yards of fabric per child in the play.

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Measure each boy from neck to the bottom of the knees. Fold a long piece of fabric in half to equal this measurement. Cut a hole just large enough for the head in the centre along the folded edge of the fabric. This piece makes the tunic.

Slip on the tunic. Cut another long piece of fabric about 6 inches wide. Tie the fabric around the tunic at the waist to make the girdle and cinch the tunic in place.

Cut 2 yards of fabric. Wrap this fabric around the shoulders, back or head and neck to make a mantle. You can also wrap the mantle around the shoulders similar to a cape.

Place sandals on each boy's feet. Give each boy a fake beard. All of the men in the Easter story were Jewish, and would have had facial hair.

Make a costume using the same method as the boy's costume. Use brighter colours and patterns if desired. The girdle could be made of gold fabric, or some other pretty fabric.

Make the tunic and mantle longer for the girls than for the boys. A woman's tunic would reach the ground and the mantle was usually larger as well.

Cut a piece of fabric large enough for the girl to wrap around her head and lower face like a veil. This should look similar to the kinds of veils that women in Middle Eastern countries still wear today.

Place sandals on each girl's feet.

Make a boy's costume for the angles. However, use all white fabric. Use gold fabric for the girdle.

Keep the angels barefoot. There are numerous references in the Bible to the necessity of removing shoes in God's presence, so to signify the holiness of the angels, do not give them shoes.

Make a gold crown or halo for the angel if desired. Use gold fabric or gold tinsel garland wrapped over a hanger bent into a halo shape. Glue the fabric or garland to the halo.