Viking Crafts for Children

Vikings at sea image by Paul Moore from

Vikings, also known as Norsemen, lived in the Scandinavian region (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) during the medieval era around 1000 A.D. Their adventurous spirit, as well as their trademark boats, silver and gold coins, and sturdy jewellery, make them a naturally popular theme for kids' crafts.

Viking Longboat

The Vikings sailed in sleek boats called longboats. Children can create a longboat by cutting its distinctive shape out of a piece of brown construction paper or brown craft foam. Next, cut a sail from grey paper or foam. Attach the sail to the boat with a craft stick. Use an upturned cup or jar lid to trace circles from gold and silver craft paper. Cut these out and glue them to the boat as decorations.

Silver and Gold

The Vikings loved silver and gold, and both the men and women wore jewellery. Children can create replica Viking jewellery by cutting circles from metallic silver and gold craft paper. Glue these circles to a thin foam strip cut to fit the child's wrist as a bracelet. The silver and gold medallions can be further decorated with glitter glue.

Viking Coins

Vikings used coins for trading. Children can create "coins" from silver and gold craft aluminium foil. Using a stylus, children can emboss symbols onto the foil. Then, cut out the foil into circular shapes. For added stability, first cut circles from cardboard. The children can cut the foil coins larger than the cardboard ones, and fold the foil around the cardboard base.

Create pouches for the coins by folding sheets of brown felt in half and stitching around two sides. Use a piece of twine to tie the pouch shut (treasure safely inside).