How to Make a Fake Sledgehammer Images

If you are putting together a set for a class play or theatrical production, the stage props can sometimes be difficult to locate at a costume shop, and the actual items can be inappropriate for use in a play. For example, if you are going to need a sledgehammer prop for your production, a real sledgehammer will be too heavy -- or dangerous -- for theatrical use, and costume stores may not always carry fake sledgehammers anyway. One solution is to make a fake sledgehammer using craft materials.

Tape a small rectangular box onto the end of a paper towel tube using masking tape. Position the box so it is perpendicular to the paper towel tube.

Combine 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of paper mache pulp and 1/2 cup of salt in a bowl. Add in 2 cups of water and stir the mixture with a spoon for 3 minutes to combine thoroughly.

Cut 30 pieces of 2-inch-wide cotton gauze, each measuring 6 inches in length, using scissors.

Dip each piece of cotton gauze into the flour mixture, then cover the sledgehammer head with four to six layers of the strips. Allow the sledgehammer to dry for 4 hours.

Paint the fake sledgehammer using colourful acrylic paint, then allow the paint to dry for 20 minutes. Paint a layer of clear acrylic glaze over the paint, and allow the sledgehammer to dry for another 20 minutes before using it in your production.

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