How to make a tassel on a knit hat

Wrap two sides only.

After you've finished knitting or crocheting that beautiful hat, you might want to add a tassel to it instead of a pom-pom. These instructions allow you to make one no time at all, so read on. Even children can do this simple wrap, cut and tie task. Use complimentary colours or the same yarn as the pattern to make a charming tassel.

Cut the cardboard at least 5 inches square for a good sized tassel. If you want a longer tassel, then make the cardboard shaped in a rectangular size.

Wrap two sides only.

Wrap the yarn around the cardboard--front and back--not all four sides, just two sides only, until it has reached the thickness you desire. Remember, the yarn will be doubled due to the wrapping process. The more the yarn is wrapped, the thicker the tassel will be.

Cut a tail.

Use your scissors to cut off the trailing end of the string of yarn that you wrapped around the cardboard. Cut an extra long tail of yarn from the remaining skein of yarn and slip it through the wrapped yarn at the other end of the cardboard. Pull it tight and make a knot so the yarn is tied in the middle of the wrapped yarn length.

Release from the cardboard.

Fold the cardboard slightly and slide it out from the gathered yarn and set it aside. Cut the yarn across the bottom (not where you tied it). Pull the knotted yarn under the gathered tassel so the knot doesn't show. Take the two free ends of the tail and wrap it around the tassel about an inch below the top of the gather. Tie a second knot so the tassel doesn't come unravelled and trim the loose tie ends using the scissors.

Tassel success.

Cut the loose tassel ends evenly using the scissors so the tassel is all one length. Thread the yarn needle with a piece of yarn and secure the tassel to the hat by stitching the looped top of the tassel to the hat.

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